Wood Species

Although we carry a very large selection of products, not all mouldings are stocked in all wood species. If you require "specialty" wood mouldings        (i.e. cherry, walnut, ash, mahogany, etc.) please consult with our staff regarding prices and availability.

Wood Colour

All wood mouldings will have variations in shade and grain. This is part of the character and beauty of natural wood products.


All our mouldings are available in random lengths. Orders will comprise of varied lengths from 3' - 16' and will include up to 15% shorts (3' - 6'). Specified lengths may be purchased at a premium - please call for prices and availabilty.

Custom Profiles / Special Orders

Further to our stock profiles, we provide a custom service capable of producing mouldings of your own design. Our knowledgeable staff will be available to discuss the endless creative possibilities.

* Custom Knife Grinding

If you require mouldings that match an existing profile, we can grind knives to match your specifications. There is a fee for this service, which varies with the size and complexity of the design. - knives remain the property of Central Fairbank Lumber

* Quantities

When ordering a special run moulding, please allow for extra footage to accomodate waste. Shortages in material will require inevitable delays and additional set-up charges. - please measure carefully.

* Set-Up Charges

For small quantities of special run/custom mouldings, set-up charges apply. This is a flat rate determined by the manufacturing process required to produce your mouldings.